Why Vision and Mission Statements?

Although written in the context of church planting, the quote below is no less important for organized churches than church plants.

It is vital for the church planter and those who work with him to have a well-thought-out concept of the nature and purpose of the church. The doctrine of the church must be a well-studied subject for those who have responsibility to steer and guide the development of a new church. .  .  .  . These Biblical concepts impact every aspect of the work and ministry of church planting. So it is important from the beginning of the process to stress what the Bible teaches about the kind of local church Christ intends to build. — Planting and Orthodox Presbyterian Church

  1. A survey of different congregations’ vision and mission statements shows that the biblical Vision and Mission of Christ’s church is not clear to everyone. We hope to ground our members in these things.

  2. The Prescott Presbyterian Church Session is agreed on “what is exciting about the church” and wants the members to all be excited about what the Bible says about the church. If our zeal does not flow from the biblical truths, creating and using a different vision/mission statement is not the answer.

  3. Clarifying the Vision and Mission of a church is a helpful tool in promoting unity of purpose among all the ministries within the congregation. They help communicate between the session and members where the church is going, so that when the Session extends authority to a person, committee, or team (for the purpose of edifying the body while at the same time allowing the elders to focus more sharply on the Word, prayer, and other work they cannot biblically hand off to non-ordained persons).

  4. These Vision and Mission Statements are clearly in unity with the phrases, views, and teachings of the OPC in the Westminster standards, the OPC Book of Church Order, and Planting an Orthodox Presbyterian Church. This unity can be helpful in multi-generational continuity of mission as a congregation and as individuals as well as promoting unity between congregations.

  5. Each generation’s believers must rediscover the church’s vision and mission as revealed in the Scriptures, make this biblical vision and mission of the church their own vision and mission of the church, and live in light of that biblical vision and mission of the church.