Doctrinal Statements

What We Believe

The constitution of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, subordinate to the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, consists of the Westminster Confession and Catechisms as well as The Book of Church Order of the OPC.

Statement of Faith

The Westminster Confession of Faith, Larger Catechism, and Shorter Catechism describe the system of doctrine taught in OPC congregations.

Book of Church Order

The Book of Church Order of the OPC is designed to provide effective means for the application of Scriptural teaching in the government, discipline, and worship of the Church. The Book of Church Order consists of three main sections: the Form of Government, Book of Discipline, and Directory for the Public Worship of God.

Membership Vows

Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) Membership Vows summarize the biblical data regarding outward indicators of followers of Christ.